Brandy K Chambers
Democrat for Texas State House Rep 112

112 Reasons To Vote For Brandy

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Since I’m running for State House District 112, I thought I owed you 112 reasons to vote for me. So here they are. These all started on social media, so consider that sometimes they have a news article linked with them or a photo of my cute daughter.

1. I am personally invested in my district — in its schools, in its people, in its small businesses, in its future. In the 629 days since I decided to run, I have knocked on your doors. I have sat down with you to talk about what matters to you. I have listened. I will do the same once I represent #TXHD112 in Austin. I will listen across the aisles. I will listen to my constituents. I won't just show up for ribbon cuttings and luncheons. I am a working mom who knows how to get things done for those to whom I am accountable. I represent the work ethic that I find in this district — an ethic found across all socioeconomics, races, religions, and genders. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met so many amazing people. 

2. I believe unchecked greed and power will eventually dominate those less fortunate, and government should provide checks and balances to ensure as level a playing field as possible. This is a theme throughout my plans to represent #TXHD112 and everyone in it — from teachers to working families to immigrants to women to children to our LGBTQ residents and our civil servants.

3. The truth is important. I hear our elected officials telling lies as they talk to voters at the polls. I hear them telling lies during press conferences in Austin and in DC. The lies must stop.

4. I believe no human is illegal. If someone is in this country, is abiding by the law, and seeking only to make themselves and their family safe and successful, then a path to citizenship should be provided them — not a one way ticket home.

5. I believe every citizen in America should have the right for their voices to be heard in elections. I am thrilled for every voter I've met during early voting (which ends tomorrow, by the way!). When I represent #TXHD112, I will work to eliminate unnecessary barriers to voting. 

6. Because I will persist for my district and for Texans. Always. 

7.  I understand if that if Texas invests in renewable resources, we could lead the country and save our planet. It’s a win/win.

8. I take it personally when a local survey discovers 66% of women the state says are providing healthcare to low-income women actually aren’t. In Dallas County, that number is almost 82%. Texas women deserve better.

9. Gerrymandering. Need I say more? 

10. I believe in universal background checks for gun purchases — as do 85% of Texans. Victims of gun violence deserve our prayers and policy changes.

11. Because kids, chickens, and dogs love me. (Sorry, I’m punchy after five days at the polls). 

12. I’ve been endorsed by organizations representing teachers, working families, environmental groups, students, union workers, women, and several multi-cultural groups. This, to me, represents my district. We work hard, most of us living paycheck to paycheck. We want our kids to have a good education and enjoy our planet for … well, forever. We look different and we don’t care.  We come home and have dinner with our families. And we get up and go to work the next day. This is #TXHD112. And I will be honored to represent all of you in Austin. 

13. Because teachers want me to represent them — and you. My opponent says she supports strong public schools. But her voting record — against pre-K, for vouchers, with lots of budget cuts in between — says otherwise. The Texas State Teachers Association wants me in Austin representing #TXHD112. I will fight for our kids, our teachers, and our future.

14. The “blue tarp law,” which my opponent voted for, makes it ridiculously difficult for Texas homeowners to seek justice in the courts when they have been wrongfully denied their insurance coverage. My opponent voted with the industry and against homeowners. I will stand behind homeowners — not put more barriers in front of them.  

15. Texas doesn’t do a good job of keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Yes, it’s against the law for someone convicted of domestic abuse to own a gun. But the follow-up is problematic. Some states have a system in place to follow-up and be sure a domestic abuser does not have any guns. I will fight for Texas to create such a system when I represent #TXHD112.  

16. I’m a hard worker. That may sound simple, but it’s important. There are days like today when the block walking is easy and fun. There are days when it’s pouring down rain and my feet hurt. And both are OK! I’m working hard now to get your vote and, when I represent #TXHD112 in Austin, I’ll work hard to represent you. Not the fringe of the Republican party. Not special interest groups. But you. I’ve done the homework on this district. I’ve talked to countless constituents by phone and in person. I will not just show up at ribbon cuttings and luncheons. That’s just not my style.  

17. Being red or blue doesn’t matter when you’re stuck in traffic and are late to dinner with your family. I support the expansion of 635 to ease the traffic congestion in our district. Some of our local elected officials made this more difficult than it needed to be to get to this point. We’re not done yet, but I’ll be a voice for the people of #TXHD112 when I represent them in Austin. Surely we’re anti-traffic on all sides of the aisle, right? 

18. I believe Texas legislators made a huge mistake with Medicaid. And my opponent was part of that mistake. She and others decided to pass up $100 billion in federal funds Texas could've used to make Medicaid available to more people, leaving us with the highest uninsured rate in the nation. Research shows the 32 states that DID expand Medicaid are saving money, growing revenue, growing jobs — not to mention their people have healthcare. I will fight to expand Medicare when I represent #TXHD112.

19. I will fight for bail reform when I represent #TXHD112 in Austin. I don’t believe anyone should be jailed simply because they can’t afford to pay to get out. This is a systematic punishment of the non-privileged. There are better ways to keep our streets safe and hold suspected offenders accountable without creating a systemic war on poverty.

20. I believe the legalization of cannabis will not only bring in billions of dollars of revenue for the state of Texas, but also safely treat millions of medically impaired Texans and help curb the opioid addiction trend. Yes, it has addictive qualities, but so does alcohol — and consider how we look back on Prohibition. We need to get past stereotypes and realize the value of this plant.  

21. Three weeks from now, the vote counts will be coming in. I got into this race because I wasn’t happy with the direction our state is going. Research shows #TXHD112 wants more from its state representative than it’s had in the past decade. If you agree, I ask for your vote and your support. Voting is easy: Early voting starts on Oct. 22 and the election is on Nov. 6. As far as support, my biggest need right now is people to help make calls to voters during all this rain, which has made block walking tricky. Donations to help us get the word out would help, too (it costs an average of $5 to reach each voter). We have 21 days. I’m here to win because I think Texas can do better. I hope you’ll help me. 

22. After the shooting at Santa Fe High School in May, Gov. Abbott suggested Texas lawmakers consider a “red flag law” to prevent further shootings. Following the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many states passed such a law, permitting police/family members to petition for the temporary removal of firearms from someone who might present a danger to others or themselves. Such laws likely would’ve kept the shooter in the 2017 mass shooting at a Sutherland Springs church from getting the gun he used to kill 26 fellow Texans and wounding 20 more. I will fight for such legislation when I represent #TXHD112 in Austin.  

23. As an employment attorney, I believe we need to remove barriers to employment starting with banning the box. This would prohibit employers from inquiring about or running criminal background checks until an applicant is given a qualified offer of employment. We should not forever punish someone who makes a bad decision, especially if they are young when they do so. Employers should not be able to ask about the criminal history of an applicant until a qualified offer of employment has been accepted, and then only high misdemeanors and felonies from the last seven years should be required to be reported. There should be a law in place mandating that an applicant can only be disqualified from the position if the conviction directly relates to the job duties of the new position. I will fight to ban the box when I represent #TXHD112 in Austin. 

24. Because I can work with people on all sides of an issue. For example, my volunteer coordinator, Larry Kriv, posted this today in a UT Longhorn shirt — one week after UT beat my beloved Sooners. And I still love him. If I can work with a Longhorn fan, I can work with people on both sides of the aisle in Austin when I represent #TXHD112. #boomersooner

25. I believe in the Second Amendment. I do not, however, believe the right to bear arms is without limitation. I am opposed to concealed carry and open carry. My opponent receives an “A” rating by the NRA, which has donated her to campaign. The Texas State Rifle Association also financially supports her. I believe in responsible gun ownership and will fight for such policies in Austin. 

26. My 9-year-old daughter and I believe girls can do anything. I entered the race for many reasons — one being to show my daughter that strong women change things. I want her to feel this at a cellular level. We need to see this at home, in the classroom, in Austin, and in DC. I love what these Australian girls have to say about #InternationalDayOfTheGirl 

27. I believe LGBTQ+ Texans should be a protected class from discrimination. You should not be able to get fired because of who you love.  

28. I believe voting should be barrier free. Today is the final day for Texans to register to vote before the Nov. 6 mid-term election. So get registered! But why do we have to do this one month before an election? Why not have same-day voter registration at your polling location on Election Day, as is offered in 17 states plus the District of Columbia? Also, the process for college students and others trying to vote by absentee ballot is full of barriers. When I'm in Austin representing #TXHD112, I will fight to make voting as barrier free as possible so the highest number of Texans are able to do so.

29. I believe in science. And I understand that things that are good for our earth are good for Texas businesses. Texas has been hit hard in recent years, with Hurricane Harvey just the most recent example. We need to understand the science and act accordingly. I will do that in Austin.

30. I will prioritize healthcare for women. Since the Texas Legislature abandoned women and low-income healthcare providers in 2011, the maternity mortality rate has skyrocketed, making Texas the leader in maternal mortality in the world. This is unacceptable. I will fight to protect and support healthcare providers to all low-income and under-insured individuals. 

31. Because, as an attorney and mediator, I am trained to look at all sides of a situation — like the one we were presented by Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh — and work through them logically. #BelieveWomen

32. Because I am exhaustively supportive of women. Today, I admit I am exhausted. But tomorrow, I will get up and keep fighting.

33. I will fight for laws that support and respect Texas women. My opponent voted to criminalize the safest way for a woman to undergo a second trimester abortion — without exceptions for rape and incest. Over and over, Rep. Button proves she is a woman who votes against women. I will represent #TXHD112 differently.

34. My opponent supported legislation that legislation allows child welfare agencies to send LGBTQ foster children to “conversion therapy.” I find this unconscionable. Period.  

35. My opponent is a woman who votes against women. I am not.

36. Texans deserve proper healthcare. My opponent voted to refuse Medicaid expansion in 2015, siding with the most conservative wing of the Republican party to try to bring down the Affordable Care Act. Studies showed the expansion could have brought more than $100 billion in federal funding to Texas, created as many as 300,000 jobs, and provided insurance to 25% of almost 6 million uninsured Texans. How is this good for Texans?

37. A Dallas study shows human trafficking victims have a common history of early DPS incidents combined with truancy and runaway incidents. Yet currently there is no system that allows any of these agencies involved to see each other’s information, allowing them to potentially identify a high-risk victim. I will fight to mandate a statewide system to allow each organization to retrieve data available to identify high-risk victims, allowing for intervention simply not possible today. 

38. My values have not been represented in Texas in decades. I believe it’s time we have more than one opinion at the table in Austin.

39. My opponent voted against a house bill that would’ve increased criminal penalties for a sexual assault committed within public transportation. Statistics show a majority of women feel unsafe when using public transportation. We should do all we can to make it as safe as possible for everyone.  

40. I believe that if something is broken, it should be repaired rather than thrown away. If a school is “failing,” then resources should be applied to reverse that trend.

41. I believe women need and deserve appropriate healthcare. Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancy in the country, and the highest uninsured rate in the country. In 2017, when the Zika outbreak was threatening pregnant women, Gov. Abbott — with support from my female opponent — ended the Women’s Health Advisory Committee, which advised the state on women’s health programs and had bipartisan support in Texas Legislature. Texas women deserve better.

42. Reason #42: Because a new poll shows this race is tied! My opponent consistently votes with Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick — leadership with misguided priorities. We've seen these elected leaders prioritize bathrooms over classrooms, and I want to change that. THIS is the year we CAN change that.

43. I am a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community. My opponent supported legislation that now allows child placement agencies to NOT place a child with a same-sex couple of it is against that agency’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.” In addition, the legislation allows child welfare agencies to send LGBTA foster children to “conversion therapy.” 

44. 79,000 minors and youth are victims of sex trafficking in Texas. I will be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking in Austin and have a plan to help. 

45. Because I have the most amazing volunteers.

46. Because when talking about our kid’s education, facts matter. (link to newsletter) 

47. All children are ethically and legally entitled to appropriate care. My opponent voted to keep $350 million in cuts to therapy services for children with disabilities in Texas. This is unconscionable. And I won’t have it when I’m in Austin.

48. I’m a certified mediator. I understand how to work with people from all sides to get things done.

49. I believe we should pay our teachers what they are worth. While my opponent voted to gut public school funding to the tune of $4 billion — a decision that cut the jobs of more than 12,000 teachers and support staff — I believe a strong and supported public school system is vital to our future. I will fight for teachers, for students, and for the entire public school system. To do differently is reckless with our children and our future.  

50. I believe Texas should prioritize pre-K programs. Statistics show the importance of all children going to pre-K and we, as a state, should loop this into our public school system so it is free and available to everyone. While my opponent says she is pro-education, she voted against the funding pre-K in the last legislative session.

51. I believe it is not God’s design or intent that I mandate my beliefs onto others.

52. Because I have the sweetest, most earth-loving block walking buddy.

53. I was raised by a feminist. I am a feminist. I am raising a feminist. Women and men should be equal. Period.

54. Because I believe history shouldn't be partisan.

55. Because I believe teachers are our state's greatest asset. And that they should be paid like it.

56. A Dallas study shows human trafficking victims have a common history of early DPS incidents combined with truancy and runaway incidents. Yet currently there is no system that allows any of these agencies involved to see each other’s information, allowing them to potentially identify a high-risk victim. I will fight to mandate a statewide system to allow each organization to retrieve data available to identify high-risk victims, allowing for intervention simply not possible today.

57. Because I believe no human is illegal. 

58. Because I believe you should have a forum to interact with your representative. Rep. Angie Chen Button refuses to debate me. When I represent #TXHD112 in Austin, I will debate any legitimate candidate. I understand that I work for you and that I should be held accountable. Ms. Button seems to believe she works for the most extreme branch of the Republican party.

59. Because when was the last time you had a conversation with #TXHD112’s Rep. Angie Chen Button? Come on out and talk to me on Wednesday. I'm here to listen and represent.

60. A UTA study predicts that between 2041 and 2050, the DFW area may see August temperatures rise from a mean of 86 degrees at the end of the 20th century to 94 degrees, with extremes of 120+. We need voices in Austin who are paying attention to climate change. 

61. I am an employment lawyer who has advised Fortune 500 companies. I understand the direct connection between education and our economy.

62. Because this rings true for me — as it, no doubt, rings true for many Texans. This truth is not well represented in the #txlege. It certainly isn't represented by my opponent.

63. Because I have the cutest supporters.

64. I am running for office because true Texas values are not currently being represented in the legislature. I was raised by an independent woman who taught me strong values: that I am my brother’s and sister’s keeper, that I must remember compassion because but for the grace of God go I, and to love thy neighbor. These core values have been discarded in recent years in Austin. I am running to restore those values to Texas. 

65. I am an employment attorney and understand how important the workforce of Texas is. I understand how important the workers of Texas are. I understand professionally and personally the responsibility of providing for your family. On this #LaborDay, let us pledge to vote for those who will represent the working woman and man in Austin. I am one of those people.

66. Because I will make renewable energy a priority in Texas. My opponent voted on a bill to “urge the United States Congress to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases for stationary sources.” I will lead toward the future policies that are good for Texas' climate and businesses.

67. Because I am winning the giant post-it note game in my home office. #strategy #precincts #postit #winning #imavisuallearner #wecandohardthings

68. Because don’t we look good together (with Beto & Colin signs).

69. 20% of the nation’s human trafficking victims have been found in Texas. I will be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking in Austin and have a plan to help.

70. I support a $10 per hour minimum wage. My opponent has answered surveys saying she opposes a minimum wage, yet she says nothing when we have Walmart employees and other minimum-wage workers rely on safety net services. It’s corporate welfare. A job should recognize the dignity of our workforce and the realities of what it takes to make basic ends meet.

71. My opponent voted for legislation that allows child welfare agencies to send LGTBQ+ foster-care children to "conversion therapy." I believe strongly we have the right to love who we love. This discrimination and truly abusive policy just won't stand under my watch.

72. My opponent is a women who votes against women. On women’s pay. On women’s health. Over and over again. We must send women to Austin who will help other women. #WomensEqualityDay

73. Because when I’m representing #TXHD112, there will be no more 100-degree days! #iwish #melting #texassummers 

74. Because I believe Texas can do so much better when it comes to protecting our transgender citizens. (with VICE video) 

75. Because winning on the ballot happens bottom-up, too. You want @Beto and @ColinAllred to win? 95% of my district, #TXHD112, is Colin’s district, #TX32. And, of course, we’re all in Beto’s district!

76. I believe in term limits for state legislators — 10 years for state representatives and 12 years for state senators. Do what you came to do and then get some new blood in there! And yes, this will apply to me a decade from now. J 

77: The average age for sexual exploitation is 13. I will be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking in Austin and have a plan to help.

78: I plan to increase funding to public schools by closing massive corporate tax loopholes that only benefit large corporations. My opponent has voted to cut education spending. I believe providing better support for our children and teachers is important to Texas families, Texas businesses, and Texas’ future.

79: I love how diverse #TXHD112 is. I’ve had the privilege, for example, of spending a lot of time with our Ethiopian community during my campaign. While they are living their lives here, their family and friends back in Ethiopia struggle with a dangerous regime. I support their request that the United States pass a senate resolution condemning their actions. Our world is bigger than our cities, counties, political districts, even our country. We are better citizens of the world when we remember that.

80. Could you answer this question: What’s the most important thing my opponent has done for her constituents in #TXHD112? A state representative’s No. 1 job is to represent her constituents. I will do just that.

81. I believe Texas must create incentives for businesses and localities to engage in recycling programs, as well as implement renewable energy resources. This is smart for our earth and needs to be smart for our business owners.

82. Because summer is long and I am forever grateful for my daughter’s teachers and will do a little jig as I drop her off with them on Monday. Teachers are heroes. We should treat them that way.

83. My opponent voted to legalize concealed carry on college campuses. While I believe in the Second Amendment, I do not believe it is without limitation. Guns do not belong on college campuses. Many parents are moving their kids into dorms and college apartments this week. They should do so without the worry that guns will change the trajectory of these students' lives.

84. Paid sick leave is extremely important to me and one of the major pillars of my platform. Employees shouldn't have to worry about whether they'll be able to pay rent when they or their children are sick.

85. I trust Texas women to make decisions about their own health and the size of their families. My opponent sponsored a bill that became law requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion. I believe this is intrusive and that women need laws that support and trust them.

86. I believe someone who is adopted has the right to their original birth certificate. I will work to restore the rights of Texas adults to access their own legal record of birth, a right taken away during a time when adoption was seen as something shameful. I will work to restore dignity to the adoption experience.

87. My opponent voted AGAINST a free breakfast program for our public school students. Hungry students can’t learn.  

88. Human trafficking is a $99 million business in Dallas. I will be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking in Austin and have a plan to help.

89. I believe Texas should prohibit employers from inquiring into an applicant’s salary/wage history. This is an antiquated way to artificially keep employees’ wages low and only serves to perpetuate disparate wages. 

90. While I believe in the Second Amendment, I do not believe it is without limitations. My opponent voted for open carry of handguns. I am opposed to open carry of all guns and will fight to bring gun sense to Austin.

91. I believe everyone deserves to be paid the same for the same work. My opponent is a woman who voted AGAINST equal pay for women. I will fight FOR it.  

92. Because this race is important. Yes, we need to get Beto O'Rourke and Colin Allred to DC. But what’s happening in Texas is not acceptable. And you need someone to represent your priorities and values in Austin.

93. I agree with Pope Francis and would vote to abolish the death penalty in Texas.

94. I will support a law requiring any presidential candidate who wants to be on the ballot in Texas to publicly release her or his tax returns.

95. I think you should use whatever bathroom feels right for you.  

96. I am a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community. My opponent supported legislation that now allows child placement agencies to NOT place a child with a same-sex couple if it is against that agency’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.” In addition, the legislation allows child welfare agencies to send LGBTQ+ foster children to “conversion therapy.” I will fight against such discrimination when I am in Austin.

97. The Texas Legislature must fully fund Medicaid, as it is the primary lifeline for disabled Texans. When I’m in Austin, I will work to restore the $2 billion slashed from the Medicaid budget in the Legislature’s last session. 

98. Professionally, I work as a mediator. I listen carefully and craft resolutions for people locked in conflict. Think that skill will come in handy in Austin? 

99. I believe high-stakes testing should not define Texas’ education system. The goal of school is to help create well-rounded, well-educated graduates who love to learn. I will approach policy with those goals in mind. 

100.  I decided to run for office because I want to be an example for my daughter. When you don't like the way things are, you step up and change them. I don't like the way ultra-conservative legislators are doing business in Austin or in DC. I will fight for jobs and education and human rights and so many other values that I don't see our current politicians in power fighting for. And that's why I want your support in November. We have 100 days to change the direction of our state and country. Together, we can do this.

101. I will fight to keep families together. What's happening at our border is a human rights tragedy. And although this is a federal issue and not a state one, I will use my position as an elected official in Austin to bring attention to such unconscionable acts by our federal government.

102. My opponent voted to allow drug testing for Texans who receive unemployment benefits, helping pass a law that could create barriers for those counting on such benefits. I am against this law. Either you’ve earned unemployment benefits or you haven’t.

103. There are an estimated 400 trafficked teens on the street each night in Dallas. I will be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking and have a plan to help. 

104. I am opposed to the open carry laws passed by our legislators in 2015. My opponent, who has voted with the NRA 100% of the time, voted for the open carry of handguns. More guns in more hands in more intimidating ways is not the answer.

105. I strongly support moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels and full investment in renewable energies, protecting the environment and preserving clean air and water. I have been endorsed by the Sierra Club.  

106. I believe in freedom of religion and that the state should stay out of our religion. Last summer, my opponent supported legislation that now allows child placement agencies in Texas to deny services based on religion. This means state and private agencies placing children can discriminate against LGBTQ families, single parents, and non-Christians. This isn’t fair to the thousands of Texas children looking for loving homes nor to the families wanting to love and support them. I will fight to change such legislation when I’m in Austin.  

107. I supported rape victims as vice president of the board of directors for The Turning Point, a local non-profit serving survivors of sexual violence. I support the budgeting of funds to end the backlog of untested rape kits and believe victims of rape deserve laws in their favor. 

108: As an employment attorney, I understand how we need to support our employees. By having a strong and happy workforce, we will have strong and successful companies, which will result in a successful economy for our entire state. Jobs are the crux of Texas families and the Texas economy. I have the expertise needed to keep the right focus on this issue in Austin.  

109: My opponent voted for strict voter ID laws in Texas that suppress low-income and minority votes. Voting is a basic American right. I will defend this right and protect it. 

110: I will work to prohibit the possession of guns (excluding hunting rifles) for anyone under the age of 21. I believe in responsible gun ownership and will fight for such policies in Austin. My opponent is “A” rated by the NRA, meaning she represents their special interests. I will not.

111: I know how to listen. I have held multiple events just to hear your thoughts on what our district needs and will continue to do so. I spend hours each week making calls to constituents and block walking (or block sweating, as we call it these days) to hear what's important to you. I want to represent YOU in Austin. My opponent votes with Tea Party Republicans again and again in Austin. From what I've heard from my constituents, her votes do not represent our district. I will.

 112: I am against school vouchers as they further erode the amount of funds available for public schools, which are already on a limited budget. My opponent supports vouchers. This is not what's best for the children of Texas.