Brandy K Chambers
Democrat for Texas State House Rep 112

I Believe


I Believe

Abraham Lincoln once said “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”   I want to represent you in the Texas Legislature and I want you to know exactly what I believe and stand for – and so there’s no mistake, I’m putting my beliefs here.  I’m not going to hide, or equivocate, or deflect your questions.

I am Brandy Chambers.  I’m a mother, a wife and an attorney – and these are my beliefs.

  • I believe that every citizen in America should have the right for their voices to be heard in elections.
  • I believe that every person deserves respect and equal rights to housing, education, health care, and the due process of law.
  • I believe that no one should be discounted, dismissed or disregarded because of who they love, with what gender they identify, or what religion they practice.
  • I believe that every woman has the right to make personal decisions about her own body and that no man has the right to dictate to that woman her options or lack thereof.
  • I believe in a Christian God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  I believe that God gave humanity free will to decide for ourselves what we wish to believe, the choice to believe differently from one another and the choice to make independent decisions about what impacts our lives.
  • I believe that it is not God’s design or intent to mandate my beliefs onto others.
  • I believe that it is not God’s design or intent for me to judge those who do not share my beliefs, or to deny them the basic inalienable rights that I demand for myself. 
  • I believe in the proof of science, the reality of global warming, and the need to address this worldwide issue.
  • I believe that unchecked avarice will eventually dominate those less fortunate, and government should provide a system of checks and balances to ensure as level a playing field as possible. 
  • I believe that as a citizen of this great nation, one has a right to free education from pre-K through college.
  • I believe that if something is broken, it should be repaired rather than thrown away. If a school is “failing”, then resources should be applied to reverse that trend.
  • I believe that no human is illegal; that if someone is in this country, is abiding by the law, and seeking only to make themselves and their family safe and successful, then a path to citizenship should be provided them – not a one way ticket home.

Finally, I believe most of all that “I am my brother’s keeper” when he is unable to help himself.