Brandy K Chambers
Democrat for Texas State House Rep 112


Denny, Julia, and Brandy

Denny, Julia, and Brandy


Brandy is a seasoned employment and labor counsel with significant experience advising international corporations on best efficient and effective practices for their organizations. 

Brandy was born and raised in Muskogee, Oklahoma (yes, an actual Okie from Muskogee). In 1991, she left Muskogee and ran to the University of Oklahoma to start her seven year stint as a college student (including graduate school). During law school, Brandy interned at Woska, Hasbrook and Underwood where she discovered her love for employment law while representing a plaintiff on a wrongful termination claim. After law school, Brandy worked for an insurance defense firm, Pierce, Couch, Baysinger & Green in Oklahoma City where she practiced a broad range of employment, medical malpractice, civil rights defense and basic commercial litigation.

In 2001, Brandy was offered the opportunity to move to Dallas, Texas by becoming employed by Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Company/ St.Paul/ Travelers.  She couldn’t resist the chance to move to Dallas so she accepted the position of Professional & Financial Claims Litigation Counsel providing substantive legal analysis and litigation strategy to defend a wide variety of matters nationwide and internationally.

Yearning for more responsibility, Brandy left Travelers to become Sr. Corporate Counsel of Employment with a Chinese telecom, Huawei Technologies USA Inc. Brandy was the primary advocate and advisor for risk avoidance, compliance, contractual obligations and internal policies regarding labor and employment issues. 

Brandy joined LSG Sky Chefs as Deputy General Counsel in 2013 as the sole Employment Counsel to workforce of 9,000 employees in 41 locations nationwide including California. 

Brandy met Denny Chambers through MySpace in 2005. After discovering their mutual love for live music, they decided to meet at Gilley’s on Halloween weekend. They have been together since. They married in 2007 and had their only child, Julia, in 2009.  Julia has proven to the perfect blend of Brandy’s curious nature and Denny’s fearless athletic prowess. Unfortunately for us all, Julia inherited both Brandy and Denny’s stubbornness.

When Brandy isn’t arguing with Julia, she attends Comic-Cons and veraciously watches her “stories” as Denny refers to them. She is not shy to admit she is a geek and teared up when she first saw the trailer to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. She is also obsessed with the “Supernatural” tv show on the CW. So much so, that she has attended five Supernatural conventions in Texas and Las Vegas. 


University of Oklahoma 1995 B.A. in Sociology/ Minor in Psychology

University of Oklahoma School of Law  Juris Doctor – 1998