Denny, Julia, and Brandy

Denny, Julia, and Brandy


Brandy K. Chambers will change the landscape of North Texas.  As an established employment lawyer, her goal is to represent real Texas values and challenge extremist propaganda by removing barriers affecting the lower and middle class.

She has taken on the task of bringing people together with real solutions.  As a mother Brandy wants to see a better future for everyone’s children.  Brandy is well-positioned to persuade voters with a commonsense economic message that emphasizes the importance of all Texas families getting a fair shot.

As an attorney, Brandy K. Chambers believes that everyone should have a voice.

As a mediator, she listens carefully and crafts resolutions for people locked in conflict.

As an employment attorney, she knows what is needed to remove barriers creating more economic opportunities.

As an active citizen in her community, she supportED rape victims as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for The Turning Point.

As an advocate, she is a voice for equal rights to housing, fair policy for workers, education, healthcare, and the due process of law.